Fuchsia Hanging Baskets Basket C-A-R-E

Caring for fuchsia hanging baskets

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‘Sophisticated’ is the perfect adjective to describe Fuchsias. Fuchsias have delicate suspended flowers that look like ballerinas in the most intricate costumes.  They come in a huge selection of gorgeous ruffled blossoms.  Fuchsias like to grow in sheltered shady areas, so a full north, northwest and northeast location is best.  Fuchsias are fragile and will… Read more »

Stressing Out:  Geranium Bud Death

May 23 - Stressing out - geranium bud death

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Geraniums (aka Pelargoniums) are colorful, hardy, easy to grow, and well adapted to our Edmonton area climate; but at times they can be puzzling, especially in early spring when they start to abort their buds.  Let’s take a look at the causes of bud death and some things that can be done to remedy it…. Read more »

Shade Begonia Hanging Basket C-A-R-E

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Before speaking specifically about Begonia hanging baskets, let’s talk about the environment Begonias prefer.  Begonias – like Nonstop, Illumination, and Bossa Nova – like to grow in sheltered shady areas; so a full north, northwest and a north northwest location is best.  Begonias need a sheltered area because are a bit fragile and will get… Read more »

How Annuals & Perennials Work Together  

May 16 - how annuals and perennials work together

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Once the basic features of annuals and perennials are understood – check out this link to The Differences Between Annuals and Perennials – you can go forward with a strategy for building your garden.  Annuals and Perennials pair extremely well together.   Here are a few ideas: choose a few spring, summer, and fall blooming… Read more »

Mixed Geranium Hanging Basket C-A-R-E

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  Mixed Geranium hanging baskets come in a large variety of colors and are very hardy. All Geraniums thrive in warm sunny locations.  The label ‘mixed’ means that they have been paired with basket stuffers and vines that love sun too.  They need a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine, but prefer at least 8…. Read more »