Dividing Hostas

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Hostas are a wonderful shade foliage plant with leaves in variegated hues of greens and chartreuses.  In the summer months of July and early August they flower with white or lavender flowers. For some varieties, the flowers are fragrant. Dividing hostas is easy to do.  The rule of thumb whenever moving or dividing any perennial… Read more »

Perennials That Hate Being Moved

July 4 - Perennials that hate being moved (1)

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All plants, actually, don’t like to be moved.  There are a few reasons for this: By virtue of their nature of being a stationary object, they were never intended to be moved in the first place. Moving plants damages their microscopic root hairs. The new location requires a period of adjustment for the plant. Physical… Read more »

Canadian Classic Plant: Saskatoons

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Canadian Classic Plant:  Saskatoons Sakatoons, the beloved native North American blueberry of the north, is one of the hallmark small fruits of our land.  It is hardy and easy to grow.  Amelanchier alnifolia – that’s its scientific name – resembles blueberries, belongs to the rose family and interestingly, is related to the apple family.  Saskatoons… Read more »

Garden Maintenance:  Why Deadhead?

June 27 - garden maintenance - why deadhead

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  Sam Llewelyn said “In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death.”   …And there couldn’t be a truer statement. When flowers bloom, a complex series of events has started to perpetuate their species.  We gardeners get to enjoy the beautiful color displays and heady scents, which flowers are really… Read more »

Deer Proofing for Winter

Nov 7 - deer proofing for winter

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There has to be few things more frustrating than watching deer munch your favorite shrubs all winter long.  Deer are attracted to tender shoots as a food source.  Although we can never stop deer completely, we can slow them down.  There are a few measures that can be taken in autumn to discourage browsing listed… Read more »