Canadian Classic Plant: Saskatoons

Canadian Classic Plant:  Saskatoons Sakatoons, the beloved native North American blueberry of the north, is one of the hallmark small fruits of our land.  It is hardy and easy to…

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June 27 - garden maintenance - why deadhead

Garden Maintenance:  Why Deadhead?

  Sam Llewelyn said “In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death.”   …And there couldn’t be a truer statement. When flowers bloom, a complex…

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Nov 7 - deer proofing for winter

Deer Proofing for Winter

There has to be few things more frustrating than watching deer munch your favorite shrubs all winter long.  Deer are attracted to tender shoots as a food source.  Although we…

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June 13 - peony cut flowers

Peony Cut Flowers

Peony Cut Flowers   Peonies, one of the hardiest and easy to grow perennials, bloom in the spring. Peonies make wonderful romantic fragrant cut flowers.  Here are some guidelines for…

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June 8 - caring for sunpatiens hanging baskets

Sunpatiens Hanging Basket C-A-R-E

The words ‘Sun’ & ‘Impatiens’ seem not to work together but a new breed of Impatiens is out! We carry a fabulous sun-tolerant Impatiens series and they are easy to…

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