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Sustainable Gardening

Posted by Wallish on Jan 23 2018

Starting to dream of green??? January is the time of year when we start kicking around the idea of getting our garden planning started.  As the emphasis for environmental responsibility continues to grow (excuse the pun), we’ve prepared this quick infographic about Sustainable Gardening for you.  If you are looking for more detailed information and ideas,  follow the links below:

Also, if you have any questions, we would be happy to dialog with you!  Feel free to email us at or to call us at 780-467-3091.

6  Ideas to Make Your Winter Garden Sparkle

Posted by Wallish on Jan 9 2018

…And now Christmas and the holidays are over, even Ukrainian Christmas is done.  Some of us may be feeling a little bit of a slump, and others may be feeling like they need a great big nap! Either way, the ebb & flow of the seasons continue and the rhythm of winter has set in.  Our gardens have ebb and flow too; and right now they are in a holding pattern — and sometimes we feel that our gardens are…well, rather…a little dull…

But do not fret!  We have a few ideas on how to introduce some zip & zest into your garden during this winter solstice, so grab a cup of something warm – your choice – and let’s look at 6 Ideas to Make Your Winter Garden Sparkle.

  1. Keep a Few Lights On
    • As you transition out of Christmas lighting, keep a few lights strategically located in your garden – we still spend a lot of time in the dark. Keeping something lit in your yard, balcony, or by your doors warms up your outside space.
    • Here are some lighting ideas:
      • lanterns with twinkle lights
      • keeping clear branch lights in urns by a doorway
      • light an archway
      • light up a park bench or a table
      • arrange lights around a bird bath
    • Remember to use a timer – and as we get closer to spring the amount of time we need lights decreases.
  1. Add a New Focal Point
    • Add a fresh focal point to your porch or garden. Take a peek through your regular gardening equipment and pick out something that will add some pizzazz like:
      • brightly colored pots filled with branches
      • a wheel barrow filled with pots packed with colorful twigs – maybe put a different kind of twigs in each pot! There’s yellow twigs, red twigs, brown twigs, some twigs still have many leaves, and others have brightly colored berries
      • metal pails
      • colored furniture
      • build a snowman or a family of snow-people and decorate them with bright scarves & hats – put a baby one in a wheelbarrow – have one gardening! Looking for snowman inspiration? Check out the Calvin & Hobbes 🙂
  1. Add a Bird Feeder
    • Draw life into your yard with a simple bird feeder – either free standing or hanging from a tree or the eves of your home and see your garden cheer up with the twittering activity of many feathered friends.
    • Or, hang a few apples or suet in trees or on posts – birds like all of these kinds of foods.
  1. Add Some Decoration
    • Just add some color – adding color at this time of year is HUGE – look around the house, garage, or storage to see what you have tucked away and put it in a different spot – put it in your yard or on your porch or by the door.  Here’s a few ideas but remember, we all have our own creative bent:
      • vintage wooden boxes
      • skates, old wooden toboggans
      • brightly colored metal flowers or birds
      • stems of winter berries
      • sundials
      • birdbaths
      • watering cans
      • cream cans
    • Add some fun & whimsy – make it magical with things like:
      • word plaques & sayings
      • burlap bows
      • beaded garlands
  1. Add a Container by Your Door
  • Having a container by the door you enter your home most often is a fun way to feel a welcome touch when you get home.
  • Or, if you already have a container, give it a little change up – just adding some variety it instills a sense of freshness:
    • change the accent color to something bright & new
    • add sparkly stems or stems with pearls just for the fun of it
  1. Remember your Back Yard & Windows
    • Consider adding something fun to the area of your yard that you see most often from your home – from the windows you spend the most time at – be it the kitchen sink, a window desk, a dining room window.
    • Remember that your garden is your space, and it’s not always about putting out things in the front yard for the neighbours and other passers-by to enjoy – decorate the areas of your yard that you see most often.

It doesn’t really take a lot of energy or time to add life to a winter garden – a little color and a fresh idea go a long way to breathing life into a winter garden.  Even if you pick one little idea, it will make a big difference.

Take some photos of your yard and share them with us on our Wallish Greenhouses Face Book page or on instagram@wallishgreenhouses – we would love to see your creative ideas & share them with our community.

Stay warm and refreshed!