Tips on Making Cut Flowers Last

Posted by Wallish on Aug 14 2018

Summer is the time when we can cut our own fresh flowers and grace our spaces with the colors of the garden. Delphiniums in blue, Dianthus in pink, Salvia & Limonium in purple, and Rudbeckia in yellow all great vase flowers. Here are a few tips on maximizing the lifetime cut flowers and how to… Read more »


Fairy Rings

Posted by Wallish on Jul 31 2018

Few things drive a person crazier than a fairy ring making its mark in the middle of a beautiful green lawn. You’ll know you have one when a lush green ring appears and is followed by a dead brown ring. Sometimes just a brown ring appears.  Both rings birth mushrooms and the mushrooms come &… Read more »


Let’s Talk Tomatoes | Gardening Tips | Alberta

Posted by Wallish on Jul 17 2018

container gardening tomatoes

Tomatoes are probably the strongest draw for the non-gardener to venture into trying to grow something because there really is nothing like a fresh tomato.  Tomatoes are originally native to the tropics, producing smaller berry-like fruit than we know today. Here are a few tips on the environment of their choice and care. Because of… Read more »

Cup & Saucer Vine – Cobea

Posted by Wallish on Jul 3 2018

This plant has a lot of names:  Cup & Saucer Vine, Cathedral Bells, or Cobea are just a few of them.  This lush, vigorously growing vine has its origins in the south western parts of the United States, Central America and parts of northern South America.  The thing that makes this a garden favorite is… Read more »


Canadian Classic: Hollyhocks

Posted by Wallish on Jun 28 2018

Because hollyhocks have graced country and cottage gardens across this country for so long, one would think that hollyhocks are native to Canada.  Interestingly, though, they are not.  Hollyhocks actually originate from southern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia.  Hollyhocks have the Latin name, Alcea. These tall, stately flowers can be from 3-10 feet… Read more »