Blown Away – Plants for Windy Areas

wind sock alberta

A tricky area for planting garden or growing thriving containers is windy domains. If ever there was a pet peeve, it is seeing shredded flowering plants in public areas – purely because windy areas can be solved and torn up plants indicate a lack of expertise, especially when the area is contracted to landscapers using public funds.

You can have a garden that thrives in wind – just as those who live in Lethbridge can attest. Another thing to note is that wind patterns can be amplified as it makes ist way around buildings and breezeways. Sails on sailboats are constructed as such because they need to harness the wind – Begonias, Fuchsia, Impatiens. Impoemia (sweet potato vine) have just been eliminated from your list of possibilities.

Select plants that the wind can pass or flow through. Plants that have slender leaves, flexible, not brittle stems, are the ones to look at – Million Bells are out but the good news is grasses like Purple Fountain Grass, Draceanas, Phormium, Variegated Grasses work wonderfully, they flow with the wind, they don’t battle it. Flowers such as Ivy Geraniums, Scaevola (Purple Fan flower), Trailing Verbena, Lotus Vine, and Vinca work well with the wind. Containers of mixed foliage work well.

Please spare us the pain – please no cannas or bananas or millet in the wind – it just shreds and looks like it’s been through a lawn mower.

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