Culinary Trends in The Garden & Edible Flowers

edible flowers gardening

Over the last few years, we have seen a rising interest in vegetable gardening as concern of food safety increases.  People are beginning to dabble their feet in kitchen gardens as media also promotes ‘super’ vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage and new, fun ways to prepare them.  Roasting vegetables has definitely become a favorite method of preparing vegetables, topping them with various oils, vinegars, and cheeses.  If you have not explored roasted vegetables, do a quick search and definitely give it a try! You will be converted to an enthusiastic consumer of veggies.

Mushy carrots never hit home base, but roasted carrots and parsnips tossed in a little olive oil, then topped with balsamic vinegar and goat cheese sends it out of the ball park!

Another thing that is trending is edible flowers – either as garnishes or as part of a salad. Some popular edible flowers are Begonias (have a little lemony zing), Nasturtiums (a little peppery), Pansies (slightly sweet or tart), Petunias (mildly sweet & spicy), and squash blossoms – remove their stamens and sauté  them in butter or olive oil.

Just a cautionary note – don’t ever dive any flower without checking out multiple sources for their safety beforehand!

Happy munching!

*Photo by: Sara Joy Tetz