Fall Asters

As August winds to a close, many gardeners feel a glum that the days of our growing season are numbered. But gardeners are a mixed camp…others are all over the fact that the gardening chores are lightening up, and others may have already stopped gardening – they are just over it and moving on to Halloween. For those of us who hate to let our gardens go, there are fall blooming perennials to extend our gardening timeline. Fall blooming sedums and asters would be in their prime right now – let’s chat a bit about Fall Blooming Asters.

Fall Asters sport blossoms that are clusters of little daisies – they tend to run in the pink spectrum. They are available all shade of pink and purple. They work well as cut flowers, too. Fall Asters are easy to care for; they are very hardy and are bothered by few pests and diseases.>p?

Preferred Sun Exposure: part sun – full sun they need a minimum of 4 hours and are happy with all day long sunshine

Height Range: 18 – 30”, best planted 24” apart

Watering: Fall Asters are ok with being on the drier side but they don’t like to be parched – nobody likes to be parched. To tolerate dry conditions, they must be a mature and established clump– which is generally 3 years old. Think of perennial maturity this way: The 1st year they sleep, the 2nd year they creep, and the 3rd year they leap. So treat them well in those first few years.

Moving them: If you would like to relocate your Asters, keep their bloom time in mind. Since they bloom in the autumn, it is best to move them early in spring so the bloom time is disrupted the least. They will have time to establish and get the fall blossom in time.

If you are looking for a little zip for your fall garden, consider Fall Asters – some great varieties for our Edmonton area are: Purple Dome, Alert, Wood’s Purple, Wood’s Pink, Winston Churchill, and Professor Klippenburg.

One last benefit of these flowers is that they attract bees and butterflies – they will keep your garden lively. They are rated at a zone 4, so be sure to mulch them before winter.

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