Gardening Keeps You Healthy | Gardening Tips

gardening for health

Gardening gives us reason to be outdoors and enjoy the tranquility of nature. It’s a wonderful way to slow down, collect our thoughts, and on some days, gain perspective. Gardens remind us that life is not instant and they teach us patience. There is something about flowers and the color green that invigorates our bodies, souls, and minds. Aside from making us more tranquil (if we’re not getting anxious over our garden’s outcome), it provides an avenue for keeping us active and thinking. There are flower beds and containers to maintain, and usually some logistical problem to solve; be it how to properly deadhead or pinch back a plant to how to best support a tomato with a trellis or a pergola.

Aside from the benefits of garden maintenance, we have the beauty to enjoy and the bounty of fresh vegetables to savor. Fresh vegetables taste better, invigorate our culinary creativity, and are just better for the health of our bodies. Fresh vegetables burst with flavor in a way that cannot be duplicated by any grocery store or preservation method. As we garden, our creativity is stimulated and we look for ways to make our gardens more beautiful and productive.

Gardens also provide a medium for community. People love garden parties, love to enjoy its produce, and take pleasure in the warmth and beauty provided by its natural beauty. Gardeners are passionate about sharing their gardens with others; enjoy touring people through their work of love and telling their stories of their gardens. Invite friends into your garden, invite people who walk by into your garden and share your garden with them. Who knows, you might get some good tips as you share together, and you might even make a new friend.

Enjoy your gardens, savor the moments, and keep it all in perspective.