Grow Your Love with A Wallish Greenhouses Gift Card | Valentines Day Gifts

February has arrived and it is all about love, love, love.  We’ve come up with an idea for something to pair with those long stemmed roses or other cut flowers you may have chosen for your loved one to extend the love to your Valentine even longer —

What about attaching a Wallish Greenhouses gift card to them?

That way, the love of Valentine’s Day can extend through the summer with something like a container or hanging basket!

How can that be done, you may ask, in light of the fact that our retail store isn’t open yet?

Well, we are busily preparing for spring and are inside the greenhouses Monday to Friday from 9 am – 4 pm and we would be happy to load a gift card for you.

Here are a couple of ways to find us:

–  As you come through our front gate, bear to the right following the sign for pickups & deliveries and continue down the driveway until you see our main shop to the left; then just come through the man door and someone will be nearby to help.

– We could set up a quick date by:


Gift cards can be loaded in any amount and we take all major debit and credit cards.


Hope all goes well with Valentine planning!