Haskaps : Who They Are & How to Care for Them

Haskaps are a fairly new player on the food gardening scene, originating from the likes of Siberia, China, Russia, and Japan.  Haskaps are also known as Honeyberries, resembling sweet blueberries in taste and in appearance. The word haskap is Japanese for ‘lonicera’.  Lonicera is familiar to the perennial world because we know this as the Honeysuckle vine.  A Haskap is a blue Honeysuckle.

The University of Saskatchewan has been researching Haskaps and is finding them to be very compatible with our climate:

  • They are hardy up to -47C, and open flowers have been known to withstand up to -7C without damage.
  • They have few pests that bother them.
  • They are vigorous and productive growers – they start producing fruit even as soon as 1 year after planting.

Where to grow them:

  • Full sun location
  • Well drained soil
  • Space 1.3 meters apart
  • Plant 1-3” inches below top of pot below soil


  • fresh, jams, jellies, baking

Sources: albertahomegardening.com, www.haskap.ca, www.fruitusask.ca