Oh Mama… talking about Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day seems to ring in Spring unlike any other day in May. The thing about Mother’s Day, by virtue of how it’s selected (being the second Sunday in May), is that no matter how you slice it, the second Sunday in May is still quite early to let flowers stay out all night in our Capital Region area because of the risk of frost. Actually, the risk of frost in the Edmonton area can happen even into June. Charlie says that his dad, John Wallis,h established June 9 as his personal guideline for safety as far as frost goes.

For that reason, we recommend purchasing gift cards for a Mother’s Day gift and pairing that gift with a small container of Pansies or Violas – you can purchase one already made or make one of your own right in our sales greenhouse. Pansies and Violas are a good idea because they can take the cold to about -3 to -5C. By pairing the gift card with a little flower memento, your mom does get a reminder that spring is on its way and when the weather really does warm up, she may pick up her hanging basket, container or flowers or her choice. This also gives you a chance to have another date with her, to go along and join her in the search for the ones she loves :).

This approach avoids the problem of having to take the plants, containers, or hanging baskets in and out of the house or garage or worse yet, storing the plants in the house or garage until the weather gets better. The whole action of moving the plants in and out and storing them indoors often causes a revolt. Plants revolt by doing things like turning yellow, slowing down their metabolism and halting the bloom from a lack of sunshine – something we call garage syndrome. Stay tuned, we’ll discuss garage syndrome in more detail later.

Wishing you all a delightful Mother’s Day!