Poinsettia Care in 3 Easy Steps

poinsettia care

Poinsettias are actually really easy to care for as long as you bear in mind where they come from.  They are tropical plants, native to Mexico, so their needs are unique but not complex.  The first 2 steps will get you to a 95% success rate and hopefully step 3 will ensure a home run.  Enjoy!

  1. Avoid Chilling on the Way Home
  • Because poinsettias are from the tropics, a freezing ride home will do them in. You can tell your poinsettia has been chilled by their wilted looking appearance, especially when they appeared robust and beautiful upon leaving the store.
  • To avoid having them get too cold, make sure that they are dressed in layers (like us) when they enpoinsettia clothedter our winter temperatures. The best wrap for them is in a paper sleeve folded at the top with a plastic sealed bag over top of that as pictured above.
  • Make picking up your poinsettia the last stop of your day so it can go into a warm vehicle and doesn’t have to sit in the cold during other errands.
  • So, no more walking through parking lots with an open plastic sleeve exposing poinsettias to our wintery blasts of cold.
  1. Hold the Water

–      Overwatering is classically the next area that causes frequent death in the life of a poinsettia. Generally poinsettias only need to be watered every week or even 10 days, but remember to check them daily – every hompoinsettia caree is different.

–      To check for water needs, pick up the pot and check its weight – this is how we check in the greenhouse. Once you have watered it so water drains out of the holes at the bottom of the pot, you will know how heavy a fully watered poinsettia weighs.  When the pot is very light, it is time to water.

–      When a poinsettia is overwatered it will get a wilted appearance making you think it needs more water and then the cycle of overwatering begins and perpetuates the problem.

–      There is no need for fertilizing because they are in full bloom and don’t need it.

  1. Environmental Details

–     Regular room temperature is fine for poinsettias.

–     Avoid cold draughts from windows & outside doors – they may get chilled and wilted looking.

–     Avoid hot draughts from heat registers – they may get dried out quickly and get crispy leaves.