Rainy Day Watering

watering flowers

When it is wet and rainy, generally we don’t water and don’t need to – we sit back and let the natural rain take care of our gardens, which makes perfect sense.  When it rains, it is cooler and metabolic needs of plants are reduced but there are a few spots to pay some special attention to. Even when it is rainy, check your containers and hanging baskets daily.  Sometimes, without us realizing it, the rain never hits the hanging baskets or containers because they are under the eaves and sitting on front steps and porches. Feel the weight of the hanging baskets to check for moisture and dip your index finger deeply into the upright containers. If they are dry, give them a full drink just like you would any other day by letting the water drain out of the bottom. If it stays rainy, you likely will not need to water them for quite a few days.

Gardens that lie in the ‘rain shadow’ of a building such as a house, garage, garden shed, or shed can get very dry when it rains because they don’t get to share of the wealth of the rain. As well, even though another part of the flower bed is wet, the moisture from the rain will only travel 4-6”. Be sure to give those gardens a generous drink, despite the rain beyond the drip line.

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