Ready, Set, Not Quite Yet

Our Alberta climate likes to play with our minds – especially this winter – and fool us into thinking that spring is settling in.  The thing with Alberta is that we are never really sure when a heavy frost may come.  The long weekend of May has historically been the planting weekend for Albertans but we can still get frost in June. So, while your fingers are itching to get into the garden, here are some things you can do to make your garden ready:

  • Rinse out hoses
  • Wash garden tools with warm soapy water
  • Yard Cleanup
    • Rake leaves
    • Cut down ornamental grasses and perennials that were left for winter interest
    • Remove dried leaves from perennial crowns
    • Rake the lawn
  • Gather your gardening supplies:
    • New tools
    • Garden stakes
    • Velcro tape
    • Labels & markers
  • Work on ‘hardscaping’ projects like:
    • Taking down the Christmas lights
    • Deck maintenance
    • Cleaning sidewalks & pathways
    • Restoring fountains & ponds
    • Building new flower beds or raised beds

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