Sunpatiens — Best. Plant. Ever.

At least we think so….

Looking for an all around amazingly tough and easy care plant?  Well; look no further; this is the one for you – and everyone else!

Sunpatiens are a recent introduction to the horticultural scene, but they are really gaining momentum as a favorite with gardeners because of their versatility and ease of care.  They are super flexible as far as location placement goes – tolerating all levels of light exposure from total shade to full sun. Sunpatiens have become a top pick with our team at Wallish Greenhouses and we recommend them often.

Preferred Location:

  • Sunpatiens grow well anywhere – sun, shade, or any combo of the above
  • Sunpatiens aren’t a fan of wind but can take a light breeze

Growth Habit:

  • Sunpatiens have a natural growth pattern that produces a beautiful dome shape
  • Sunpatiens are classified as:
    • Vigorous growers:
      • Work great in free standing containers
      • Height: 18-32” (45cm – 80cm)
      • Width / Spacing: 24-36” (60cm – 90cm)
    • Compact growers:
      • Do well in all types of containers – free standing or hanging baskets – either featured alone or in mixed recipes with other plants
      • Height: 14-24” (35cim – 60cm)
      • Width / Spacing: 14-24” (35cm – 60cm)
  • Always remember to check labels for the specifics in height and width so you get the plant with the right growth

Available Flower Colors:

  • Sunpatiens sport both neon-esque brightly colored flowers and soft colors
  • They are available in white, pink, fuchsia, red, and orange
  • Some varieties have variegated leaves
  • One stunning plant combination has white flowers with variegated leaves
  • Sometimes the darker colors may fade slightly if they are in a very hot & intense sun exposure


  • Sunpatiens require minor deadheading and it’s easy to do —
    • You can do a good job by just shaking the pot or ruffling the plant, the old flower petals just fall off
    • Some people prefer to do a more detailed job by picking off the dead flowers individually by hand


  • Water requirements depend on its location and how warm the days are –
    • hot days require watering more often
    • cool days require watering less often
    • just make sure to water them thoroughly so the water drips out of the bottom of the pot which indicates that the soil is saturated
  • The really good news is… when they wilt – even badly – Sunpatiens are good at reviving – but don’t abuse this feature, severe wilting is very stressful for plants! And repeated drying out will cause them to die.
  • Sunpatiens are sensitive to high sodium well water and this seems to be one thing that will definitely send them quickly to their death, so avoid well water with a high salt content.


  • As with any annual, fertilize weekly – our favorite fertilizer and the one we use at our greenhouse is a natural fertilizer called ‘Nature’s Source’ – it is available in our sales greenhouse.
  • Other fertilizer options include: 20-20-20, and Miracle Grow

Be sure to stop by and have us show you our selection of Sunpatiens – we are enthusiastic about this plant and want to share their joy with you!  Call us at 780-467-3091 or email us.