VLOG: A Chat With Charlie Part 1: The Early Years

wallish greenhouses interview


Happy New Year to all of you!!  This year is a very special year for us at Wallish Greenhouses.  2019 marks 100 years that we having been growing for the greater Edmonton area and beyond, actually.  Over the years we have grown fresh vegetables, bedding plants, and a LOT of beautiful flowers.

A couple of years ago we invited Pete Hicks of CFCW Radio to do an interview with our father Charlie, just for posterity.  We decided that we would like to share this interview with you in 4 segments for the month of January, when all we want to do is drink hot coffee and bundle up in fuzzy blankets by the fireplace.  So snuggle up with something warm as the two of them focus on “The Early Days” of our greenhouse legacy.

Thank you for listening in!