A family tradition of growing great products since 1919

The Beginning

It all started when John & Sally Wallish began growing vegetables and bedding plants.
Their farm  was located close to where Rexall Place in Edmonton is currently located. These products were sold at the old Edmonton City Market on 97 Street & Jasper Avenue.

A Time of Change

Life stayed like that until the early 1960s, when their land was expropriated to eventually make way for the current Wayne Gretzky Drive and 7½ acres were purchased on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River northeast of Edmonton, 2 miles north of Sherwood Park. By this time, John & Sally’s sonCharlie had graduated from the Vermillion School of Agriculture and had taken a more active role in the family business. Charlie began shifting the focus of the business toward bedding plants.

Developing the Local Market

During this time he also encouraged other members of the then Alberta Fresh Vegetable Growers Association to begin developing the bedding plant market. It was at that time that the Holes and Kulhmnanns became some Charlie’s first wholesale customers as they developed their own retail bedding plant businesses.

 A Growing Business

By the 1990s, the business started to make another shift.
Charlie’s son, Glenn, recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in horticulture, began taking on a greater role in the business.

With his bride Louise at his side, the first retail greenhouses were operated at the location on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. This began a gradual shift in the business from vegetables and wholesale bedding plants to a full scale retail operation focusing on a large selection of bedding plants, perennials, hanging baskets, and containers – all chosen for their hardiness and grown on the premises.

Since that time, the business has continued to expand with great customer service being a central goal as well.

And Here We Are

In 2000, Glenn’s sister, Sharon and her husband, Dan joined in on the day to day operation.
Wallish Greenhouses has now completed the transition from wholesale to retail and continues to grow the products it sells.

We continue to maintain the tradition started with John & Sally of growing products that have been tested and proven to grow in the Edmonton Capital Region while continually looking for new and more colourful varieties as the market demands – the tradition started 100 years ago lives on.