Fall Cleanup 

Autumn is a good time to enjoy the cooler days, to reflect on your garden’s successes, and to begin getting ready for winter.  Good fall prep gives a jump start…

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June 20 - growing a pollinator garden

Growing a Pollinator Garden

Much has been in the news about creating garden environments that provide pollinators, especially bees, with plant accessibility.  Pollinators are not just bees and wasps, but include flies, moths, bats,…

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cutworms, soil, garden

Natural pest control: Cut Worms

Cutworms are a finite problem lasting 2 – 3 weeks in the early spring – just about the time you have planted your veggie garden seedlings and your seeds have…

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container planting, gardening

Container Planting: About Soil

High quality soil is the foundation for growing success. Soil requirements for plants in containers are different from those grown in the ground or a raised bed garden. This is…

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drought resistant plants

Drought Resistant Plants & Natives

With concerns for good water stewardship, many are interested in using varieties of plants that require less water management.  Below is a list of Annuals, Perennials, and Native Alberta plants…

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