How to Weed a Garden

If there is anything that can ruin a great gardening experience, it’s weeds.  What was full of promise and hope becomes a mass of unbridled growth and disorganization. According to…

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Fertilizer Review

Unwinding The Fertilizer Numbers

Fertilizer can be confusing.  The sheer quantity of brands and mathematical combinations can be dizzying.  Let’s spend some time unwinding fertilizer and hopefully, the numbers will begin to make sense.…

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Infilling With Edibles

Incorporating edibles into your landscape is a creative and fun way to add texture and literally flavour to the garden.  By the middle of June, you should now have a…

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June 20 - growing a pollinator garden

Growing a Pollinator Garden

Much has been in the news about creating garden environments that provide pollinators, especially bees, with plant accessibility.  Pollinators are not just bees and wasps, but include flies, moths, bats,…

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Ladybugs, with their fire engine red & black polka dotted wings have been loved for generations of gardeners in the country & the city alike.  They have been written about…

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Winning Container Combinations

Deciding what to plant and how to design a container can be daunting.  We feel that mastering container gardening takes a little knowledge and a lot of practice.  One of…

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