Roses for Alberta

Just one quick sniff of a tea rose can make anyone feel soft and fuzzy inside. Oh, how we wish we could grow tea rose gardens in Alberta! Unfortunately, the…

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Fall Cleanup 

Autumn is a good time to enjoy the cooler days, to reflect on your garden’s successes, and to begin getting ready for winter.  Good fall prep gives a jump start…

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June 20 - growing a pollinator garden

Growing a Pollinator Garden

Much has been in the news about creating garden environments that provide pollinators, especially bees, with plant accessibility.  Pollinators are not just bees and wasps, but include flies, moths, bats,…

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Seeding At Home – Video

To pull all of our blogs on seeding together, we put decided to make this quick 5 minute video tutorial on seeding for the home gardener who enjoys starting their…

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children and gardening

School’s Out! Children & Gardening

Gardens are great places for children!  It’s a place for them to come face to face with every sensory sensation – sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste.  It’s a great…

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peonies, gardening

Comparing Peonies: Shrub vs Tree vs ITOH

Peonies are wonderful shrub-like perennials with huge flowers boasting wonderful fragrances that people have a certain sentimentality about because often they grew in their grandmother’s yard. In fact, those peonies…

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