Delphinium Worms

Delphiniums are a reliable, tall and stately perennial for Edmonton gardens adding a nostalgic cottage flair.  Their blossoms come in 4 main colours of white, and shades of pink, purple,…

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Natural Pest Control – Aphids

These sap sucking pests are around all summer long in small amounts but their populations increase impressively in late summer. Some of the first signs of an aphid attack are…

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peonies, gardening

Comparing Peonies: Shrub vs Tree vs ITOH

Peonies are wonderful shrub-like perennials with huge flowers boasting wonderful fragrances that people have a certain sentimentality about because often they grew in their grandmother’s yard. In fact, those peonies…

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cutworms, soil, garden

Natural pest control: Cut Worms

Cutworms are a finite problem lasting 2 – 3 weeks in the early spring – just about the time you have planted your veggie garden seedlings and your seeds have…

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