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Dill graveolens Fernleaf

Great for home pickling and canning. Grows vigorously in fertile, well-drained soil kept evenly moist. Harvest while young for delicate flavor.

  • »  Great variety for use in pickling
  • »  Perfect for patio planters as dwarf, compact plants don't need staking and won't topple over
  • »  Can also be grown in-ground and used for traditional culinary purposes
  • »  Late flowering allows for a long harvest season and extended ornamental period

Ball Landscape
Full Sun
Foliage Color
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Growing & Maintenance Tips for Dill graveolens 'Fernleaf'

Great texture and scent for herb gardens and mixed containers.
For fresh dill, remove the leaves just as the plant flowers.
To encourage seed production, allow the flowers to form and go to seed.
Days to harvest: 28
Little fertilization required.