Annuals are flowers that bloom all summer long. They are not hardy to winter over in our area and hence, need to be planted yearly or ‘annually’. Some annuals are actually classified as ‘perennials’ but in our area they can’t survive the winter so we use them as annuals.

Sun Annuals

Sun annuals thrive in at least 6-8 hours of sunshine per day, classically in an east, south, or west exposure. We carry an extensive variety of sun annuals which include common flowers such as Geraniums, Dahlias, Marigolds, Pansies, Petunias, and Salvia. In our sales greenhouse, we have a section devoted to sun annuals and tucked into that section are less known sun lovers that we would love to show you.

Shade Annuals

Shade annuals grow best in less than 4 hours of direct sunshine. Usually their is exposure is northeast, north, and north west, or even under a large tree. Annuals that love the shade include Abutilon, Begonias, Fuchsia, Impatiens, and Lobelia. In our shade section we have solutions for those tricky shady areas – there is life after shade!

Grasses & Cannas

Ornamental Grasses, Millet, and Cannas lend themselves as structural or architectural foci popular for containers, flower beds or raised bed plantings. In their own separate section in the annual department, you will find hues of red, chartreuse, and variegated greens perfect for your needs.

Basket Stuffers and Vines

Basket stuffers and vines are a separate division of their own in our sales greenhouse; we have basket stuffers and vines for both sunny and shady areas. Black Eyed Susan, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Cobea, Sweet Potato Vine, Trailing Petunias & Verbena are numbered among the most popular basket stuffers we carry. We would be happy to show you our less common and more unique varieties as well.

Herbs & Veggies

For all the varieties of tomatoes that exist, we could stuff every one of our 31 greenhouses to the brim with tomatoes – in our tomato section we have endeavoured to grow a representative collection of tomatoes including cherry, yellow, salad, & preserving tomatoes . We have striven to do the same thing with our herb and vegetable assortments. With the recent rediscovery of ‘super’ veggies and oven roasting, we find kale, cauliflower and the other cruciferous crops rising in popularity beside the peppers and zucchini.
There is nothing like a fresh tomato alongside the other fresh veggies & herbs!