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How To Take Your Garden To The Next Level With Climbing Plants

Think of your garden as an outdoor room or collection of rooms. Just like inside your home, rooms are spaces separated by some type of wall or boundary to give you a defined space and support its function. Your garden is your open concept floor plan, with traffic flow, easy sociability and communication, shared light, layout flexibility and multifunctional space. You can fill the space with plants to reveal a sense of enclosure, or restrict the planting to key areas to create an airy, open space.

Grow an Aromatherapy Garden
Grow an Aromatherapy Garden

I don’t know if you are like me, but some of my strongest childhood memories and connected feelings are associated with smells. To this day, the scent of vanilla and bourbon pipe tobacco takes me back to memories of long walks with my grandpa and his dog, Scamper. Oh, how I loved those walks; exploring the forest while eating wild strawberries and raspberries, learning how to skip rocks on the lake, and hunting for Garter Snakes and Spring Peeper Frogs in the tall grass.

Garage Syndrome is Very Real
Garage Syndrome is Very Real

Many of us have been there. Had a week of warm weather at the beginning of May, and couldn’t resist “just looking” at the greenhouse, and returned home with some plants tucked under your arm. Now what? You put them in the garage until it was warm enough to plant. When you planted them in the soil, you noticed they didn’t look the same as they did in the greenhouse, but they still seemed all right. Then you waited for them to bloom. Three weeks to a month later and finally a flower appeared. Then your plants started to return to normal and bloom like they were supposed to. What happened?

Gladiolus - A Must-Have For Your Vintage Garden

Always stunning, the Gladiolus combines old-fashioned and nostalgic feelings with easy to grow requirements making them perfect for flower beds as well as containers. With very little effort, they will burst into bloom and add sensational summer color to the garden. They can be overwintered by digging them up in the fall, storing, and replanting the following spring.

How To Grow Vigorous, Healthy Plants - Improve Your Soil
How To Grow Vigorous, Healthy Plants – Improve Your Soil

I had a Great Aunt who said she could test her soil by tasting it. I haven’t tried that, nor do I plan to, so I can’t tell you if it works or not. I do know that our home vegetable garden improved dramatically when we used a do-it-yourself soil kit and learned our soil’s pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels.

How To Grow Food With Less Work

When we first planted our vegetable garden in rows, our first spring in our acreage home, it never occurred to us to plant more than one kind of vegetable in any row. I’d never seen it done any differently, nor even heard it spoken about. But after a few years of gardening, and a whole lot of attention given to the soil, the sun, the moisture, and the bugs, I’ve become very interested in the practices of companion planting, intercropping, and succession planting. Any technique that improves the taste and yield of our vegetables, while reducing the amount of work I have to do to produce those vegetables, is worthy of my attention and my evaluation.